Hardware parts
>> Pipe fitting
>> Crane beam
>> Stents
>> Stamping
>> Machinery Accessories
Tank series
Bend pipe series
>> Exhaust Pipe
>> Generator frame
Muffler series
Stationery series
>> SureBind series
>> VeloBind series
>> Impact
>> ProClick
>> ClickBind
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    Ningbo auspicious source Dan macro machinery manufacturing Co., LTD is one specialized is engaged in the mechanical parts manufacturing enterprise. The company is located in the east China sea, known as "prosperity" commercial port pearl "of ningbo, near ningbo port, ningbo airport, shanghai-hangzhou-ningbo expressway, hangzhou bay bridge, land transportation is convenient. The main products of the company have professional custom and processing machinery engineering stainless steel pipe bending. Generator muffler, car muffler, stainless steel tank, gasoline generators, cleaning machine, etc, and the frame of the office supplies production stationery plastic binding products and stationery hardware. The company has 8000 square meters of production workshop, and a has experience and quite practical management production team. Have several machines advanced...
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